Forced treatment of child


A 4 year old boy was having high temperature and then later he started convulsing. His relations forced spoon into his mouth and started pouring herbs into his mouth. Are their actions right?


  • HF-Expert-6 answered on December 24, 2015

  • These practices have no medical benefit to the child rather they cause a lot of harm. The spoon, fork or stick that is used to force the mouth open can cause injuries to the child. The herbal mixture, paloi, kerosene etc have no medical benefit other than cause harm and damage to the child’s body.

  • HF-Expert-5 answered on December 24, 2015

  • Some go as far as pouring palm oil, kerosene, cow urine and dung into the child’s mouth. All these actions including forcing a spoon or a stick into the child’s mouth are wrong.

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